Free SEO Courses from SEMrush Academy in 2021

Hello everybody! You might be a beginner or an experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional but learning should never stop. As with a learning attitude, you gain more knowledge, brush up on your skills, and stay ahead in your career. So we are sharing a bunch of easy-to-learn free SEO courses from SEMrush Academy, both basic and advanced, available in this new year 2021.

SEMrush Academy is one of the best-renowned names in the digital marketing industry. This academy provides SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, SMM, and Competitive Research courses. Once you clear the online exam, its free online courses come with certifications that you can easily share in your LinkedIn profile to show your expertise and boost your career opportunities.

Let’s dive into SEMrush SEO courses that are free. You can do these free SEO courses to learn about Search Engine Optimization.

Free SEO Courses from SEMrush Academy

1. SEO Fundamentals Course

This is an in-depth SEO Fundamentals Course, by industry expert Greg Gifford, which will help you to brush up on the basics of SEO. It includes 31 video lessons of 4 hours. It has 8 modules that are search engine basics, technical SEO, link signals, on-page signals, SEO for mobile, other ranking signals, international SEO, and local SEO.

2. Keyword Research Course

This Keyword Research Course will boost up your knowledge of the basics of keyword research. It has 8 video lessons for a total of 1 hour. Greg Gifford starts this course with an introduction to keyword research and business understanding.

Further, this course covers understanding the business, query intent, list creation, not provided keywords, smart competitor analysis, and content creation based on finalized keywords. You will also get to know about the SEMrush keyword research tool in this course.

3. Backlink Management Course

You will learn all about backlink management and link building in this Backlink Management Course. Greg Gifford tells everything about backlink management in 7 video lessons of a total of 1 hour.

This course covers backlink management basics, types of backlinks, effective backlink research, competitive links analysis, link building strategies, and campaign to get quality backlinks. Also, learn how to recover when you get a Google penalty in this course.

4. Mobile SEO Course

In this Mobile SEO Course, you will learn about how to do SEO for your mobile website? This course has 7 video lessons of a total of 1 hour.

Greg Gifford talks about mobile SEO, responsive site and content, technical and user experience aspects, mobile speed, accelerated mobile pages and apps, and how to optimize your local results for mobile devices in this course.

5. Local SEO Course

This Local SEO Course, with Greg Gifford, will help you to bring your business to the top in local search results. It has 10 video lessons for 1 hour.

You will get to know about what is local SEO, local ranking factors, local links and content, local SEO citations, and reviews, Google My Business, Google posts, Q&A, and local SEO reporting. You will also know about the lesser-known local SEO ranking factors in this course.

6. Technical SEO Course

If you want to enhance your technical SEO knowledge then this Technical SEO Course is for you. This is an in-depth course, by SEO expert Bastian Grimm, with 34 video lessons of 5 hours.

This course has all about internal linking, advanced crawling, and indexing, HTTP response codes, log files, international SEO and HTTPS, HTTP/2 implementations. It also covers structured data markup, accelerated mobile pages (AMP), JavaScript SEO basics, and Google’s Mobile-first indexing introduction.

7. Role of Content Course

You must have read many times that the Content is king. Yes, it is. To explore how content can improve your website’s visibility and increase conversion rate you should enroll in this Role of Content Course from SEO expert Eric Enge.

This course has 10 video lessons for a total of 1 hour. It starts with SEO content basics, E-A-T, basics of links, and page rank. Further, it includes SEO ranking factors, backlinks analysis, informational content. You will also learn about why content is important and how user’s needs impact content depth in this course. The last lesson goes deep into content hubs and blogs.

8. Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals

If you want to make your SEO campaigns a success then just go for this Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Course. Eric Enge presents this course in 8 video lessons of a total of 1 hour.

This course includes a content marketing plan, guest posts, benefits of collaborating with PR, and marketing. Further, this course includes lessons about content syndication, interviews, and types of content. It concludes with content-based internal linking and guidance on creating quality content.

9. SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

You will know how to leverage SEMrush SEO Toolkit to get better SEO results once you complete this SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course. It has 14 video lessons within 3 modules of 3 hours. This course will let you know how to build and measure your SEO campaign using various SEMrush tools like:

  • Keyword Analytics
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Sensor
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • SEO Content Template
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • PDF Report
  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Audit
  • Content Analyzer

10. On-Page and Technical SEO Course

This On-Page and Technical SEO Course is good for you if you want to learn about SEMrush tools. You will know how to improve and maintain your website’s health using SEMrush tools? You will be able to optimize your website’s content for both users and search engines. This is a 7 lessons course of a total of 1 hour with Technical SEO and On-Page SEO modules.

Technical SEO module covers SEO audit, HTTPS issues, crawling issues, and log file analysis. On-Page SEO module includes creating SEO-friendly content, getting ideas for on-page optimization, and getting rid of on-page errors.

11. Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course

If you want to learn how to improve your website’s visibility locally, globally, and on mobile searches using SEMrush tools, then this Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course is for you. This is an 8 video lessons course distributed in 3 modules of a total of 1 hour.

12. Audit Your Online Visibility with SEMrush

Know how to audit your website health and benchmark your keyword visibility against your competitors by going through this Audit Your Online Visibility with SEMrush Course. This course has 6 lessons for 1 hour. Kelsey Gettis, from the Customer Success team, talks about keywords, website health, and backlink authority in this course.

13. Link Building Course

Maximize your link-building efforts by learning how to leverage SEMrush in this Link Building Course. This is a 5 lessons course for 1 hour starting from backlink research, avoid Google penalties, internal linking, building links, and backlink gap analysis.

14. Rank Tracking Course

Learn how to evaluate your ongoing SEO campaign in this Rank Tracking Course. This is a short course for only half an hour with only 2 lessons. You will know several ways to use the SEMrush tool for tracking your website’s online visibility and analyzing Google’s SERPs.


So If you really want to have good practical knowledge of On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO then you should explore and enroll in these free SEO courses from SEMrush Academy. You will also get a few other digital marketing courses here. In this way, you can get officially SEMrush certified SEO professional that will help you professionally.

All the best for your learning and growing in your career. Have you already done any of these SEMrush Academy courses? You can share in the comments section below if you want to share something about these SEMrush courses.

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