Google Search Console Added New Associations Page

Google Search Central keeps adding and updating its functionalities regularly to help webmasters. This time an Associations page has been added within Search Console. You can find this page under the Settings menu within Search Console.

Associations Page - Google Search Console

An Association is a connection between a Search Console property and a property in another Google service. Like it can be an association between Search Console, and a Google Analytics account or a YouTube channel.

Good thing is that any existing associations are automatically carried over to the new Associations page.

Association Types Supported by Search Console

  • Google Analytics property -> This will help you to view your Search Console data, such as organic search queries, in your Google Analytics property.
  • Google Ads account -> You can view the paid and organic report in Google Ads.
  • YouTube channel -> You can link your videos to your associated website.
  • Play Console app -> Use App Indexing.
  • Actions Console project -> You can verify your brand and enable cross-platform functionality.
  • Chrome Web Store account -> You can publish apps and extensions to the Chrome Web Store on behalf of your site.

Even starting today, you can also link your Search Console domain properties to Google Analytics. This will help you to get better coverage of your organic search results. Google Search Central recommends using this option. As it can help you get a more complete picture in the Search Console reports in Google Analytics.

All information about this new Association page can be found on Google Search Central Blog. We will keep updating you about any further updates regarding Google Search Console here.

Just to update you Google is conducting its first virtual event, Search Central Live, from the new Search Central event series. This will include talks about what happened around Google Search in 2020 and what we’re looking forward to in 2021. You can register for this event as it will be held on 24th February 2021.

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